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A small forum for deviations. Role-Play, plots and schemes, etc.
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 The Planes Of Reality

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PostSubject: The Planes Of Reality   The Planes Of Reality Icon_minitimeSun Nov 06, 2011 12:46 pm

-The Realm of the Living; The most obvious of the realms. Life as it's known. Fields of emerald, sweeping oceans, and everything in between. Humans, animals, and other creatures walk among the earth here.
-The Somnium; or the realm of dreams. Most know it as the Reverie or the Gloaming. But to the ones who inhabit it, it is their own. It is the home of the being of dreams, the sandman himself. When in the Somnium, he is whatever the dreamer wants to see him as. He's taken many names because of it, and his appearance changes with each person he encounters through their dreams. The only way one can enter the Somnium is through sleep. Unless the dreamer has a specific dream, it appears as a bluish, swirling black hole. Bright, silvery stars stay planted throughout the realm in their given spots, along with several other objects, including the Sandman's throne.
-Neverwhere: An alternate universe which is opposite to the normal world. It's a dystopian society that hides it's face behind the veil of a Utopia. Skyscrapers are in the plenty, futuristic homes scatter the outskirts of the cities, and everything is picturesque. But nothing is what it seems.
-Expanse of Delirium: Most who end up here have become lost souls. The colors are ever changing in the sky and amongst the other objects within the realm.
-The Cessation; or the realm of death. Anyone who has passed on resides here, keeping on with their days as they had when they were alive. It is perceived however the being wants it to be perceived. To some, it looks like the normal world. To others, it is whatever their mind creates. Most never realize what their lives had become, what their fate was reduced to. Those who came to the realization that they were no longer amongst the living fell into despair. The deceased can move freely amongst the living, but only as spirits.
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The Planes Of Reality
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